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We are the Church,
and we are standing together

One Prayer is an incredible opportunity to come together and show the enormity of God's grace, love, and mercy to the world. Preview the messages below to see which ones will reach into the hearts and minds in your church as we explore who, "God Is..."

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Alive Church Tucson, AZ US Jeffrey Love
"God Is... " Duration: 27:36 Language: EN
All Things Fellowship Oklahoma City, OK US Philip Barnes
"God Is... Mysterious" Duration: 26:77 Language: EN
Brand New Church Bergman, AR US Shannon O'Dell
"God Is... Forgetful" Duration: 37:17 Language: EN
C3 Church Clayton, NC US Matt Fry
"God Is... " Duration: 31:21 Language: EN
Camino de Vida Lima, PE Robert Barriger
"God Is... " Duration: 24:01 Language: ES
Carolina Forest Community Church Myrtle Beach, SC US Brad Mitchell
"God Is... Lost" Duration: Language: EN
Celebration Church Jacksonville, FL US Stovall Weems
"God Is... Merciful" Duration: 32:30 Language: EN
Celebration Church Georgetown, TX US Joe Champion
"God Is... Wanting Friends" Duration: 37:01 Language: EN
Champion Life Centre Spring, TX US James Green
"God Is... Hope" Duration: 28:10 Language: EN
Champions Centre Tacoma, WA US Kevin Gerald
"God Is... Fear Not" Duration: 29:27 Language: EN
Christian Community Church Burleigh, Gold Coast, Au AU Kevin Thomas
"God Is... Able" Duration: 26:16 Language: EN
Church At The Movies Ronkonkoma, NY US Roger Blackmore
"God Is... Amazing" Duration: 32:02 Language: EN
Church Central Milledgeville, GA US Jeff Simmons
"God Is... " Duration: 25:01 Language: EN
Church of the Harvest Oklahoma City, OK US Kirk Pankratz
"God Is... Hope" Duration: Language: EN
Church of the Highlands Birmingham, AL US Chris Hodges
"God Is... More" Duration: 29:11 Language: EN
Community Worship Center Perryton, TX US Mike Waterbury
"God Is... the Everlasting Father" Duration: 34:05 Language: EN
Cornerstone Church Simi Valley, CA US Francis Chan
"God Is... Strength" Duration: 30:49 Language: EN
Cross Roads Church DeMotte, IN US Mark Boer
"God Is... my party" Duration: Language: EN
Cross Timbers Community Church Argyle, TX US Toby Slough
"God Is... Right Now" Duration: 33:24 Language: EN
Crossroads Church Seguin, TX US Marcus Avalos
"God Is... 2XL" Duration: Language: EN
Destiny Christian Center Del City, OK US Lawrence Neisent
"God Is... moving us from Audience to Army" Duration: 19:02 Language: EN
Elevation Church Charlotte, NC US Steven Furtick
"God Is... Great" Duration: 28:43 Language: EN
Faith Christian Outreach Shawnee, OK US Travis Hurst
"God Is... Waiting" Duration: 32:45 Language: EN
Free Chapel Gainesville, GA US Jentezen Franklin
"God Is... Able" Duration: 29:34 Language: EN
Gateway Church Austin, TX US John Burke
"God Is... For You" Duration: Language: EN
Gateway Church Parkesburg, PA US Dan O'Deens
"God Is... able to make dead bones walk" Duration: 29:45 Language: EN
Grace Chapel Minerva, OH US Wayne Ayer
"God Is... " Duration: 31:50 Language: EN
Grace Community Church Champaign, IL US Jerris Duncan
"God Is... Hope" Duration: 34:26 Language: EN
Granger Community Church Granger, IN US Mark Beeson
"God Is... Waiting on You" Duration: 24:34 Language: EN
H3O Guatemala, Gu GT Sergio Estrada
"God Is... Blind" Duration: 27:52 Language: EN
Harrah Church Harrah, OK US Jimmy Holbrook
"God Is... Holy" Duration: 30:58 Language: EN
Healing Place Church Baton Rouge, LA US Dino Rizzo
"God Is... Here and Anything Can Happen" Duration: 28:50 Language: EN
Healing Place Church Baton Rouge, LA US Dino Rizzo
"God Is... Here and Anything Can Happen" Duration: 28:50 Language: ES
HeartLand Church Troy, OH US Ron Ecklebarger
"God Is... Sick and Tired" Duration: 35:00 Language: EN
Highlands Fellowship Abingdon, VA US Jimmie Davidson
"God Is... Disturbing the Peace" Duration: 32:47 Language: EN
Hope Christian City Church Colleyville, TX US Paul Cole
"God Is... our Father" Duration: 37:47 Language: EN
Journey Church Norman, OK US Clark Mitchell
"God Is... our Reconciler" Duration: 33:56 Language: EN
Keystone Church Keller, TX US Brandon Thomas
"God Is... a Blast" Duration: 27:46 Language: EN
Life Church - Olathe, Kansas Olathe, Kansas, KS US Clint Sprague
"God Is... A Trustworthy Father" Duration: 25:04 Language: EN
Lifecentre.org Ottawa, ON CA Jason Boucher
"God Is... Calling" Duration: 32:01 Language: EN
LifeChurch.tv Edmond, OK US Craig Groeschel
"God Is... Love" Duration: 35:20 Language: EN
LifeChurch.tv Edmond, OK US Craig Groeschel
"God Is... Father" Duration: Language: EN
LifeChurch.tv Edmond, OK US Craig Groeschel
"God Is... Love" Duration: 35:20 Language: ES
Liquid Church Morristown, NJ US Tim Lucas
"God Is... in the Chains" Duration: 26:26 Language: EN
Living Word Family Church Raleigh, NC US Steve Caronna
"God Is... strategic" Duration: 38:47 Language: EN
Milton Keynes Christian Centre Milton Keynes, Un GB Mark Sherratt
"God Is... our refuge and strength" Duration: Language: EN
Mount Paran North Marietta, GA US Dr. Mark Walker
"God Is... with Us" Duration: 28:05 Language: EN
National Community Church Washington, DC, DC US Mark Batterson
"God Is... Incomparable" Duration: 38:08 Language: EN
New Hope Oahu Honolulu, HI US Wayne Cordeiro
"God Is... Our Maker and Lord" Duration: 26:30 Language: EN
New Life Christian Fellowship Pacifica, CA US Jonathan Markham
"God Is... God" Duration: 28:28 Language: EN
New Life Church Conway, AR US Rick Bezet
"God Is... Encouraging" Duration: 34:51 Language: EN
NewSpring Church Anderson, SC US Perry Noble
"God Is... Here" Duration: 31:32 Language: EN
Next Level Church Fort Myers, FL US Matt Keller
"God Is... Faithful" Duration: 27:03 Language: EN
North Point Community Church Alpharetta, GA US Andy Stanley
"God Is... " Duration: 33:30 Language: EN
NorthStar Community Church Monrovia, MD US Kevin Marsico
"God Is... Worldly" Duration: 30:50 Language: EN
Northway Church Clifton Park, NY US Buddy Cremeans
"God Is... More" Duration: 33:24 Language: EN
Oasis Church Nashville, TN US Danny Chambers
"God Is... Sound" Duration: 34:27 Language: EN
Orchard Valley Community Church Aurora, IL US Scott Hodge
"God Is... Ready" Duration: 29:11 Language: EN
Real Life Christian Church of Pinellas Largo, FL US Fred Wolfe
"God Is... Our Redemption" Duration: Language: EN
Revolution Church Sacramento Rancho Cordova, CA US Dave Ingland
"God Is... Calling" Duration: Language: EN
Seacoast Church Mount Pleasant, SC US Greg Surratt
"God Is... in Control" Duration: 34:53 Language: EN
Shore Fellowship Egg Harbor Township, NJ US Tim Chambers
"God Is... I Am" Duration: Language: EN
Shoreline Church Destin, FL US Eric Partin
"God Is... Not Mad" Duration: 32:26 Language: EN
Southbrook Church Weddington, NC US Rob Singleton
"God Is... I Am" Duration: 36:30 Language: EN
The Community Fellowship Collinsville, VA US Michael Harrison
"God Is... Hope" Duration: Language: EN
The Life Church of Memphis Cordova, TN US John Siebeling
"God Is... Unshakable " Duration: 25:24 Language: EN
The Rock Church Candler, NC US Kirk Bowman
"God Is... For You" Duration: 31:14 Language: EN
Victory Church Oklahoma City, OK US Mark Crow
"God Is... Liberty" Duration: 26:50 Language: EN
Victory Church Oklahoma City, OK US
"God Is... Moises Pichardo" Duration: Language: ES
Victory Church Oklahoma City, MN US Moises Pichardo
"God Is... nuestra Libertad" Duration: 27:30 Language: ES
Westwinds Community Church Jackson, MI, MI US David McDonald
"God Is... Exhausting" Duration: Language: EN
Woodburn Baptist Church Woodburn, KY US Tim Harris
"God Is... Creative" Duration: 28:06 Language: EN