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A global movement of churches working together to serve our communities.

A global movement of people working together to serve our communities.

Imagine what could be accomplished by hundreds of thousands of us serving together and reaching out to those in need.

Dino Rizzo and his team at Healing Place Church are leading One Prayer churches to partner in serving their communities. Based on what they learned as they teamed up with other churches to serve the victims of Hurricane Katrina, they’ve contributed insight and ideas to guide us as we work together.

If your church is planning a service project, we encourage you to take part! If not, why not check out the ideas below, put them into action with a group of friends, and watch as God does something incredible in your community and also in you!

Servolution Outreach Ideas

Outreach Group Size Cost Description
Nursing Home Outreach 5-25 $20+ Learn More
Hospital ER 5-15 $50+ Learn More
Special Needs Outreaches 5+ Free Learn More
Water at Local Parks 5+ $50+ Learn More
Battered Women's Shelter 5-20 $30+ Learn More
Water Outreach 10-20 $100+ Learn More
College Outreach 5+ $75+ Learn More
Bar Outreach 15-30 $100+ Learn More
Widows 5+ $50+ Learn More
Watermelon Outreach 5+ $35+ Learn More
Midnight Outreach 5-25 $50+ Learn More
Chapstick at Waterparks 5+ $50+ Learn More
Gum Outreach 5+ $100+ Learn More
Adopt-a-Block 5+ Free Learn More
Homeless Outreach 5+ $100+ Learn More
Lunches to Businesses 5+ $150+ Learn More
Partner with Community Events 5+ Free Learn More
Local School Clean Ups 5+ Free Learn More
Free Food Pantry 1+ $150+ Learn More
Car Prep Day 50+ $1,000+ Learn More
Cooking for Christ 10+ $5,000+ Learn More
Exam supply outreach 10-15 $100+ Learn More
Local parades 15-30 $100+ Learn More
Food/toy drives 30+ $200+ Learn More
Prison outreach 5-10 Free Learn More
Children of Inmates 15-30 Free Learn More
Construction worker outreach 10-15 $100+ Learn More
Snow shoveling/Leaf raking outreach 15-30 Free Learn More
School faculty car wash 10-20 $50+ Learn More
Parent's night out 20-30 $20+ Learn More
Orphan's, Foster Care 15-20 $100+ Learn More
Prom dress exchange 10+ Free Learn More
Mother's Day flowers 10-15 $100+ Learn More
School supplies 10-15 $100+ Learn More
Church yard sale 20+ $30+ Learn More
Windshield washing 10-20 $20+ Learn More
Cleaning public restrooms 10-15 $10+ Learn More
Grocery cart outreach 10+ Free Learn More
Tootsie/blow pop giveaways 10-15 $75+ Learn More
After Dinner packet 10-20 $100+ Learn More
Parking meter 10-15 $50+ Learn More
Dog park 10-15 $50+ Learn More
Winter car washes/Desalting 20-30 $50+ Learn More
Bike fix up 15-20 $35+ Learn More
College dorm move in/Out day 15-20 Free Learn More
Free gas 7+ $150+ Learn More
Bus stop outreach 10-15 $75+ Learn More