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June 2009
The Church unites in action to reach our world.

We pray to Jesus asking Him to answer our prayers - what if we became the answer to His? In John 17:20-24, He prayed that we would be one, and One Prayer is an opportunity to see what can be accomplished when the Church works together.

In June 2008, God worked in amazing ways as more than two million believers stood together to pray, fast, learn, and love others. This year, we'll be joining forces once again for an extraordinary worldwide experience: One Prayer 2009. Beginning the first weekend in June, we'll come together for four weeks as we learn more about our Creator and go out into the world to share, serve and give.

We'll partner around the globe and explore the theme...

"God is
my provider my shelter all powerful

We're looking forward to hearing what the gifted communicators participating in One Prayer have to say about this topic through messages like, "God is Powerful," "God is a Fortress," God is My Provider," and "God is Love."

As each communicator brings a unique message, One Prayer is also embracing the unique nature of the churches participating. Several churches are partnering to lead pieces of the Share, Serve, and Give initiatives, contributing based on their strengths and experiences as a church.

Even the look of One Prayer this year reflects the different nature of the churches who are taking part. As you partner with churches around the globe, you get to choose one of three One Prayer designs that best represents your church. God Is… graphics featuring these designs are available on our Share: Resources page, and supplemental promotional graphics will be offered during the beginning of April.

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Latest News //

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Event Faqs

What is One Prayer?
One Prayer is an opportunity to see what can be accomplished when the Church works together. Beginning the first weekend in June, we'll come together for four weeks as we go out into the world to share resources, serve our communities, and give to a meaningful cause. Gifted pastors and communicators will contribute messages that explore the theme, God Is... and churches all over the globe will select the teaching that best prepares their community to live out what we’re learning together.

How much does it cost to participate?
To register and take part in One Prayer is absolutely free. There are no fees or payments requested at any point throughout the process.

When is One Prayer 2009?
Churches will share, serve and give throughout all four weeks of June 2009, beginning on the weekend of the 6-7.

Can individuals register for One Prayer?
No. Registration is intended for participating churches to receive valuable resources and information. If you are an individual interested in uniting with others through One Prayer, we encourage you to share the vision with your church leaders and spread the word on your personal blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Can our church participate in One Prayer outside of the four weekends in June 2009?
There are time-sensitive components that will take place during June, such as giving and serving initiatives. However, your church can still participate by showing One Prayer messages at any time.

How can I find churches in my area participating in One Prayer?
A current list of participating churches is available on our Churches page.

How can I get involved?
You can help spread the word about One Prayer to churches in your area and those you know around the globe. Check out the "Share One Prayer" resources. During June, you’ll be able to pray, fast, serve, and give with people throughout the world—check back often for updates!

If our church is multi-site, do I register each campus separately?
No. Once viewing the registration form, you will register your church one time, while designating locations and names for each unique campus. Please list your main or primary location first.

Can our church have more than one registered user?
No. Please register your church one time only. If multiple people within your church team need the login information, we suggest creating a simple password so all authorized people can easily access information and resources.

Once registered, can I edit our church’s information?
No. If any of your registered information is incorrect, use the contact form to request a change. Please include clear directions on what information needs to be updated.

If our church participated in One Prayer 2008, do I need to register again this year?
Yes. Please register through this website. Feel free to use the same password and contact information as the previous year.

When will the video messages and resources be available for download?
The most current deadlines and availability dates are located in the Latest News section.

How do I submit a teaching message to be shared through One Prayer?
For tips on how to develop an effective video teaching message, see the tutorial located on our Share page. In the near future, we will be posting details on how to submit messages on that same page.

Can I still download messages from One Prayer 2008?
Yes. However, we encourage participants to use the upcoming messages for their One Prayer 2009 campaign. If you would still like to download 2008 messages, please request instructions by filling out the contact form.

Is there any information available in other languages?
We will have a Spanish One Prayer web page available in the near future, complete with Spanish resources and graphics. Stay tuned to the Latest News page for details.