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What is OnePrayer?

This June, churches around the world are joining forces to share resources, serve our communities, and give to a meaningful cause.

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Last year, church leaders from around the world conveyed powerful messages through video teaching, and more than two million individuals experienced growth together. By sharing resources in this way, we're able to extend what we're learning around the globe — across geographic, emotional, and spiritual distances.

This year, as we explore the attributes of God through the teaching theme, "God Is _____," we'll have the opportunity to live out what we're learning together.

Imagine what could be accomplished by thousands of churches working together to serve our communities.

This year, Dino Rizzo and his team at Healing Place Church will be leading us in an effort to partner with other churches in our areas. Based on what they learned as they teamed up with other churches to serve the victims of Hurricane Katrina, they'll be guiding us through creative and successful ways for churches to work together.

what is oneprayer about?

Last year, One Prayer churches partnered to make a lasting difference in the world through an ambitious mission initiative: planting 500 new churches in Cambodia, India, Sudan, and China in 18 months. God has blessed this effort, and through the leadership of Granger Community Church and their partner organization EnterMission, we met our goal! More than 660 churches have been planted, and we're not done yet...

One Prayer 2009 is building on the momentum of that movement. In addition to carrying on and expanding the mission work from last year, we're also launching a community transformation component to improve the quality of life for individuals in the One Prayer target areas. Participating churches that receive an offering will empower individuals and equip communities to see real and lasting change.