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About One Prayer

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One Prayer 2009 : The Church unites in action to reach our world.

We pray to Jesus asking Him to answer our prayers - what if we became the answer to His? In John 17:20-24, He prayed that we would be one, and One Prayer is an opportunity to see what can be accomplished when the Church works together. In June 2008, God worked in amazing ways as more than one million believers stood together to pray, fast, learn, and love others. This year, we're joining forces once again for an extraordinary worldwide experience: One Prayer 2009. Churches all over the world are standing together as we share resources, serve our communities, and give to a meaningful cause. Gifted pastors and communicators have contributed messages that explore the theme

"God is
my provider my shelter all powerful

Can individuals register for One Prayer?
No, registration is for churches. They'll coordinate all the different elements of One Prayer so individuals like you can take part within a local church. If you're interested in uniting with others through One Prayer, we encourage you to share the vision with your church leaders and spread the word on your personal blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

How can I find churches in my area participating in One Prayer?
A current list of participating churches is available on our Churches page.

How can I get involved?
During One Prayer, hundreds of thousands of believers will come before God as one. We'll be:

  • praying together daily,
  • fasting together weekly,
  • serving our communities,
  • giving to a meaningful cause,
  • and joining the conversation through a shared feed featuring One Prayer voices from around the world.

Visit each day to take part!

You can also spread the word about One Prayer to the people you know around the world using the Share One Prayer resources.

One Prayer 2008: a look back

  • We experienced unity in the body of Christ as we stood together like never before.
  • Geographical barriers were removed, allowing us to learn from great teachers and ministries around the world.
  • We refocused our understanding of the Church as a body of believers instead of a physical location.
  • As we fasted, prayed, and served in concert with more than one million other believers, we grew closer to God.
  • We raised money to start more than 660 churches in strategic areas across the globe in Cambodia, India, Sudan, and China. With the funds from just one offering, the Gospel is spreading, churches are taking root and countless lives are changing. Don't miss the exciting things happening on the front line of the One Prayer mission field.